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a year later and nothins changed 

u say its ya bday dunnananana


check out this picture of a floating head


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The Front Bottoms7/13/14Varsity TheaterMinneapolis, MN


you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod/phone/itunes/media player and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 10 people

1.) i don’t mind- defeater

2.) i mean it- g eazy ft. remo

3.) dystopia (the earth is on fire)- YACHT


Constantly constantly radios onn by emperor x

Solid jackson by bright eyes

Carry me down the street by the front bottoms

Please quit smoking mom by ghost mice

Honey pot by pity sex

Randy describe eternity by built to spill

Danielson by tigers jaw

Ashtray petting zoo by joyce manor

Bongo song by the front bottoms

Ghetto sled by the Menzingers

Id like your hair long by hum


Favourite jokes

  • Referring to any four-legged animal as a weird dog
  • Massively underestimating the number of nearly uncountable objects
  • Massively overestimating the number of clearly countable objects
  • Bad puns in TV episode titles

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i can’t get ur voice out of my head and it’s so cool and u are so cool

today was so fucking amazing !!!!!